America’s obsession with the latest and greatest


Today’s society does not care for anything outdated or about anyone else. All people want now is the newest things that are out there and to get them conveniently . Between the mad shopping for the lowest prices, to lining up outside for hours waiting for the next iPhone when you just got your old one when, society has become more focused on self pleasure than anything else.
One of the biggest issues that I’ve come across is holiday shopping. Black Friday is one of the days most people look forward to. It means waking up extremely early –or staying up late depending on where you shop– to get the newest gadget or gizmo out there. But must every holiday be turned into some form of some corporation bloodbath?
Each year countless people get trampled on Black Friday. The second the doors open the people rush in leaving those in the front helpless to being trampled by the hundreds of people behind them. Really? Smashing people underfoot for a new iPod?
Is it really necessary to get the newest and greatest thing? I mean seriously, next month there will be something better than it, and the month after that there will be another even better one, and then a month after that… You get my point.
Why, as humans, do we feel the need to always have the newest? If you look around in nature that is not the case. You don’t see squirrels searching the tree for the best nut. No, they find a nut and they eat it.
Why can’t we be like that? When we need something that works we find it and we don’t replace it until it it is broken. By buying all the stuff that we don’t really need all we do is make America look like stuck up rich kids.
New HD television for Christmas, the next Galaxy phone for your birthday; what more does society need? There are people all over the world that barely have food and water –things that are necessary to survive– and society is worried about their TV being a 46 inches instead of a 54 inches.
People need to wait until something that they need breaks before they go on buying new ones. You can live using CS3 instead of CS5, they both get the same job done.