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Editorial policy

The opinions of the Northwest Explorer staff are those of the students, and do not necessarily reflect those of the administration, faculty and staff. The Explorer is a designated public forum for student expression without prior review by school officials. The publication adviser reviews and assists, but the students make all final decisions of content.

The Explorer welcomes all letters to the editors. Letters should be delivered to room H7, at a maximum of 500 words, and signed by the writer. The staff has the right to either accept or reject a letter at the discretion of the editorial board.

The Explorer is published six times a year, as of 2019. A publication schedule can be picked up upon request in the journalism room.


Advertising policy

Advertising copy will be in the hands of the publication staff at least two weeks in advance of the publishing dates. One copy of the paper containing said ad will be furnished to the advertiser. Refund will be made if the staff or printer is responsible for an error in the printed copy, but in no event will the publication be liable beyond the cost of an individual insertion. The advertiser agrees to pay monthly statement if the ad is on credit  realizing that accumulated indebtedness will not be extended beyond $100. Ads will be withheld on overdue accounts and a cancellation fee of 25% of the cost of remaining ads contracted for will be charged to any advertiser who does not furnish copy as contracted. The student editors reserve the right to refuse advertising because of space limitations, publication deadlines, or content.


Obituary policy

In the event of a student/teacher’s death during the school year, the Northwest Explorer will at least include an obituary describing the birth and death date, grade, and involvement with Wichita Northwest High School. The obituary will be found in the news section and any other coverage of the death will be factual and objective. The cause of death will only be included at the discretion of the editorial board. By no means should the Explorer staff dedicate an issue or page to the person. The minimum coverage of the death should be an eighth of a page rectangle including an obituary and a small mug shot if available.


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Our Policies