What’s up with Horoscopes?


Star signs, everyone has one yet not everybody knows what they mean. Overall horoscopes are supposed to represent how a person acts in everyday life. Take into example a person who is a Taurus (April 19-May 20), they are supposed to be stubborn yet at the same time be artistic and overall enjoy a luxurious life. On the other hand, there are the Libras (September 22-0ctober 22), these people are supposed to be well balanced as well as charming. The star sign often being represented by a scale.

The big question is: Do the students at Northwest relate to their horoscopes?

Lea-cher Kennedy, freshman, said that she does not know much about star signs therefore she does not have a clear answer to them.

“I don’t believe in them too much, but there are certain coincidences where I’ll be reading something about my horoscope and be like, “Hey, that actually does sound like me,” Kennedy said.

Bethany Cortus, senior, said that from the little she does know about her sign, she does feel like she relates to it.

“I would consider myself a little like my sign. We share similar characteristics, as in being caring and having a sensitive soul. Although from there I would think that we are not very alike,” Cortus said.

Unlike the previous two students, Pranav Prasad, freshman, does know a lot about his sign. Pranav said that he was a Libra. He feels like his sign does describe him well.

“I am a social whirl, like how people from my horoscope tend to be. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, but I take it as a good thing. I am also a very loyal person, so in the end, Prasad said. “Yes, I do believe I relate to my horoscope.”

Star signs are an interesting thing to look at. Many do not know what a star sign is until they look it up for themselves. If you have not read about yours, why not do it? See if you relate to one of the students above.

“I think everybody should read about their horoscope; I didn’t know much about mine until recently, but they are pretty interesting,” Kennedy said.