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Juniors anticipate their senior year

As juniors continue their high school journey, it hits them that just next year they will be becoming adults and graduating. Three juniors, Cadence Angleton, Joseph Vann, and Connor Axe spoke about how they felt about taking on more responsibility and becoming the “kings” of the school.  

As senior year slowly approaches there are more and more things juniors can look forward to. Vann said he is looking forward to being a leader. Angleton mentioned all the festivities.  

“I’m most looking forward to Senior Sunrise, graduation, and senior prom,” Angleton said. 

As juniors continue advance in the year, they pick up more and more responsibility. 

 “I mean it’s cool, but I mean I feel like I like it because it just means I can help more people,” Vann said.  

Axe said he didn’t believe senior year would be much different other than receiving more respect. Vann said it might be easier because it will be basically half a year, so perhaps a little bit less work. Angleton contemplated the realities of growing up.  

“We become officially adults; there aren’t any excuses. We are at the top, and there should be no reason we can’t finish,” Angleton said.  

Vann said he had some reservations about the changes ahead.  

“[I am] scared, because I don’t know what I want to do after high school,” Vann said. 

As the junior year slowly winds down, Axe shared his ideas for how to make senior year memorable.  

“[I will] try to be an active member in the school community, be active in the theater, and all the games we have at the school,”  Axe said.  

 All three juniors shared expectations for senior year. Axe said he was excited for senior prank and Senior Sunrise. Angleton said her goal was to keep her grades up, while Vann emphasized helping the underclassmen.  

“[Iwill] try and help at least five freshmen with something and pass all my classes,” Vann said.  

They said they also look forward to ways to celebrate graduation.  

“[I plan to] go on a trip to leave and make new memories somewhere else with all my friends,” Angleton said.  

Axe said seniors especially need to stay focused and motivated throughout the school year, and that he had a plan for this. 

“[I will] keep talking to my counselor, because speaking with them keeps me motivated,” Axe said.  

 Angleton said she relies on social studies teacher Geoff Martens, her mom and best friends for support. Vann said his brother has helped him because he told him how it was going to be. Axe said he also relies on his dad. 

“He has definitely kept me on it to get to school, and same with the counselors on the daily,” Axe said.  

Vann said he planned to stay involved extracurricular activities and lists several examples.  

“Football definitely, I might wrestle; I say that every year never do. [I] mostly [expect] football, and just the basketball games, and being a part of the student leader in basketball for home games,” Vann said. 


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