Top suggestions for streaming during quarantine

Since March people have been stuck in their house’s due to COVID-19. Due to not being able to leave the house many people have been watching Netflix and the series, movies, and documentaries they have on the streaming service.

Many people have been rewatching older series and movies as well as new ones during COVID-19. A lot of people have been binge watching series that have came out years ago or even recently in 2019. These series have people laughing, crying, and just enjoying life. 

Criminal Minds has been a popular series many teens have been watching. Criminal minds is a 15 season series about an elite FBI squad who analyzes the countries most-twisted criminal minds. This show is full of suspense and drama that will guarantee to have you hooked. 

Another series many people have been watching is On My Block who just put out their 3rd season this March. On My Block is a 3 season drama and comedy series about high school teens living life and having the everyday challenges thrown their way. They go through struggles in their friendship, family, and make life changing decisions.

While many people have been binge watching older series, Netflix has been putting out new ones. A children series that have teens and adults hooked is Julie and the Phantoms also known as Jatp. Jatp is about a young girl named Julie who loved music but stopped singing when her mom died, until she played one of her moms favorite bands old cd’s which summoned three of the band members who died. Julie helped the three dead Sunset curve members, Luke, Alex, and Reggie live out the dreams they never got to. 

Just like older series people have been watching older movies. Real Steel is 2hr 7 long drama and suspense movie that came out in 2011. Real steel has been on the top 10 list on Netflix for a couple weeks. Real Steel is about a struggling fighter-turned-promoter reconnects wit his son to convert an old-generation robot into a mighty World Robot Boxing contender. 

Just like old movies Netflix has new movies that out in 2020 on the streaming service. One movie that just came out in October is Hubie Halloween. Hubie halloween is a classic Adam Sandler movie that a lot of familiar faces like the “Grown Ups” cast, Noah Schnapp, and some of the “Bunk’d” cast. Hubie Halloween is a 1h 43m long comedy movie about a not so popular good-hearted scaredy-cat named Hubie who keeps his town safe when Halloween turns truly spooky. 

Besides your traditional movies and series Netflix provides many documentaries. One documentary that had everyone talking about was The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez is about how the dcf’s didn’t handle his case properly. They have interviewed people who knew Gabriel like his teacher, friends, and family. They give all the sad and emotional details of his sad, short life.

Conspiracy theories is something a lot of people are interested in and frequently watch on youtube. Netflix has a one season conspiracy theory show on their service that came out in 2015 called Conspiracy. Conspiracy is about Skeptics and others who discuss widely held conspiracy theories involving aliens, government cover-ups, secret assassinations and other intrigues. Conspiracy will have you glued to the TV wanting more episodes. 

Covid-19 may have people stuck inside but they have their entertainments to keep them occupied. Netflix has been giving people new things to obsess over or things that give back memories. Netflix has made  quarantine more bearable and we thank them for that.