HALO 4 Review

The time has come again when all of the major gaming franchises release their newest games and compete for the profits. Although I started off with the Zelda series, I have grown to love the first-person shooter, Halo.
When I got home from the midnight release, I made probably one of the best decisions. I opened the game, downloaded the extras hidden within, and started to play. After a little frustration with Xbox Live, I decided to watch the Forward Unto Dawn live action film. Even though it was a 90 minute Halo film, it was really well made, setting up the background between Commander Lasky and Master Chief without leaving any huge gaps in the storyline.
I then moved onto the campaign, which had amazing graphics and kept Chief’s story going. The end of the campaign is one that really reminds players of the fact that Bungie no longer makes Halo, and lets us know of their hopes to make more.
The multiplayer is a great addition, having things like Team Slayer and SWAT for veterans and games like Regicide and Spartan Ops to help usher in the new era of Halo. Although they did get rid of Firefight-which I hope they will bring back on a later date-I’m not too upset.
They also succeeded at fusing the best of two games. Along with being able to change your character armor, you can also create your own loadouts that can be used online, just like Call of Duty.

Another thing that many people have taken advantage of in the past, Forge Mode, is back and better than ever. They have kept most of the things from Reach and have added new features, some being map specific pieces and magnets, which really speed up the map making process.

After playing 4 in its entirety, I can’t wait to see what they do next.