A Television Revolution

Imagine a world without electricity, no power whatsoever. A world where even the simplest of electronics don’t even make a spark. NBC has done just that in their new show Revolution.
The basic plot of the story is about a world where the power has stopped for no apparent reason. The story picks up 15 years after the power went away and everyone lives in small villages or amongst the barren wastelands of former major cities.
In this futuristic society the government has been abolished. It is now run by a group called the Monroe Republic under the dictator General Bass Monroe (David Lyons). This group is basically a giant militia that runs everything. They put a ban on any form of gun for public use, force people to pay crop taxes and are in desperate search to find someone to turn the power back on. In their minds, whoever controls the power controls the world.
One man is said to know something about the power, Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee). The militia, led by Captain Tom Neville (Giancalo Esposito), goes after Ben in the hopes of restoring power for the Republic. Being the dramatic show that it is, of course Ben ends up dead and his son, Danny (Graham Rogers) gets kidnapped.
This is where the real adventure starts. Ben’s daughter, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), and some others from the village go looking for Danny, and the only way to find him is through Ben’s brother, Miles (Billy Burke).
With only three episodes out there isn’t much to tell without spoiling the whole show. The show is a great take on the perspective of taking a technology driven society and throwing them back to medieval times where it was a challenge to survive. It is an interesting concept for me to think about, being the tech guy that I am. But there are a few things that I find not quite right about this show.
In many of the fighting scenes, the militia uses swords and flintlock guns to fight against the rebels. Yes. Swords like one would see on a pirate ship and guns that were used in the civil war. Now I know it has been 15 years after the blackout but still. Where would one even find such a vast collection of antique swords and guns to arm a whole militia? That is the major problem that I have seen with the series so far.
Overall I think that everyone should at least watch one of the episodes, Monday nights at 10/9c on NBC, just to see what this world could possibly look like without power. It is a little bit scary to think about if the devices that I use everyday, like my phone and computer, just stopped working and how lost I would be. After seeing what our society could look like, I have come to realize that with every text message we send, every time we tweet, that our world is digging deeper into a situation like this. NBC, I salute you for opening up the eyes of this tech guy and helping me learn to power off every once in a while.
Words by Aaron Bloom|Managing Editor