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“Life As We Know It” Review

Holly Berenson, played by Katherine Heigl, is a single, orderly, and slightly uptight bakery owner who gets sent on a blind date with a complete nincompoop named Eric Messer, played by Josh Duhamel. After he arrives an hour late, forgets to make a restaurant reservation, and answers a booty call right in front of her, she gives up on the date.

She calls her best friend Alison Novak, played by Christina Hendricks, and says the only way she could make it up to her was that she would never have to see him again. But sadly she has to see a lot more of him when their mutual best friends get married.

Holly has a successful bakery with dreams to expand and has met a guy named Sam who comes in everyday to buy the same exact sandwich. Messer’s job is directing cameras for a basketball team and spends his free time hooking up with as many girls as possible.

One night Holly and Messer get called down to the police station and learn that their best friends, Allison and Peter Novak, were killed in a car crash when their vehicle flipped. Holly and Messer spend the night at the Novak home and the next morning they pick up their 1-year-old daughter Sophie from child services. Sophie was played by Alexis, Brynn, and Brooke Clagett. When the Novak’s lawyer goes over the will with Holly and Messer they are shocked to find that they have both been named as the guardians of Sophie.

In an attempt to make it work, they move into the Novak’s home and raise Sophie. Things go along fine with only a few arguments until one night when they get stoned and decide to “complicate” their relationship.

Before they know it Holly is expanding her restaurant and Messer gets a job opportunity from the phoenix Suns. After a huge fight with Messer, he decides to take the job and leaves. Holly tries to move on and starts dating Sam, played by Josh Lucas. But sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past.

Life as we know it is definitely a romantic comedy. It is the best love story I have seen since Letters to Juliet and will have you laughing throughout the movie. Holly and Messer’s complicated relationship and dysfunctional family is touching and easy to relate to.

The movie makes you feel like you really know the characters. Although Holly is meticulous and Messer is a jerk, audiences will end up loving them in the end. Although it came in second in box office sales for their opening weekend, Life as We Know It is definitely a movie to check out.

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