My Day in Chicago


The traffic of Chicago

Brianna Trotter, Business Manager

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the beautiful city of Chicago. The reasoning for my visit was to tour the wonderful school of “Columbia College of Chicago”, which is a Performing Arts College. After touring the school and falling even deeper in love with it I had the freedom to tour the Dazzling city of Chicago. I explored the city and got to expand my horizons by riding on the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) which is only one of the several ways to travel across the city. While traveling on the train, my first stop was at Randolph/Wabash which was at the heart of Chicago. There I toured Columbia and walked, and walked some more, and kept walking. And that was pretty much my first day.

The next day my dad and I rented a car and went down S. Lake Shore Drive, where you can find Lake Michigan, the Buckingham Fountain, Soldier Field, and the Shedd Aquarium. After we passed all of those significant places we went to my favorite place of the entire trip, N. State Street. I instantly fell in love with the area when I saw the beautiful bungalows and the beautiful fall trees, I found the  beauty of life in that very moment.

As we continued our trip we saw the Trump building and Chicago in it’s natural state, from the graffiti to their very tall buildings. Chicago is truly a beautiful city and I highly recommend it for vacation if you love the busy city life and lively culture.