Christmas movies review


Bad moms Christmas 

  • Site: Netflix 
  • Release date: 2017
  • Rating I would give: 4.5 star
  • Reason: This movie was funny but also included scenes such as a mom and daughter reconnecting and making their relationship better. This movie shows a more realistic side to Christmas and doesn’t only show the happy parts like most movies do. I only took .5 off because this isn’t as much as a movie you would watch with little kids. 


  • site: Netflix
  • Release date: 2020
  • Rating I would give:4
  • Reason: This movie was a cute romantic Christmas movie. It also was funny and had some drama in it. This is not as much of a movie to watch with little kids but it could be good for teenagers and a group of friends to watch together. 

 How the Grinch stole Christmas

  • Site: Netflix
  • Release date:2000
  • Rating I would give:5
  • Reason: This is a classic Christmas movie that almost everyone knows and it is a movie I have watched many times and have not gotten sick of. This movie is funny while also having some drama and some thrill. It is good to watch any time around Christmas and can be watched with your whole family. 

A Christmas story

  • Site: Hulu
  • Release date:1983
  • Rating I would give: 5 stars
  • Reason: This is just a solid Christmas movie that many people know. It is an original one and is a funny one whereas many new Christmas movies are romantic ones or ones for kids. This movie is something fun to watch with your whole family. 

The Grinch (new one)

  • Site: Netflix
  • Release date:2018
  • Rating I would give: 3.5 star
  • Reason: I feel like I would take a star and a half off only because it is a remake of the old one and i don’t find it as good as the old one. I personally like old original movies better but I do think that this movie is better for younger kids. I remember being younger and scared of this movie a little bit so I do think this one is more animated and joyful compared to the old one which is better for younger kids whereas the original Grinch movie is more fun for everyone.