“Vampires Suck” Review

This Vampire spoof of the Twilight Saga had twi-hards and twi-haters buzzing all over the internet. With attractive cast members and almost identical scenes, this movie cashed in on the Twilight pandemonium, making $20 million on its opening weekend.

Directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are known for releasing not-so original movies, but they knocked it out of the park with this flick. Whether you like Twilight or not, this movie is hilarious. It is the first spoof I’ve seen that actually held my interest, probably because of my insane love for everything Twilight.

Becca Crane, played by Jenn Proske, was a normal teenage girl who moves to Sporks, Washington and ends up falling in love with a make-up wearing, hair curling, stylish dressing, sparkling Vampire named Edward Sullen, played by Matt Lanter.

The Chihuahua transforming, cat chasing, Jacob White is played by Chris Riggi, who is shirtless the majority of the movie. But with a body like his, I’m not complaining. This movie takes scenes from the first two books in the saga and made fun of them in every possible way they could.

The movie jumps around a bit and the plot doesn’t flow as well as it could. A lot of time is spent poking fun at teenage emotions and experiences like hard break ups and drinking at prom.

All the actors and actresses played teenagers, even though I doubt they are under 20.With some violence and slight sexual references, this movie had comedy for a more mature audience. ­­­

From a dancing pack of werewolves in short shorts to Edward stripping down at prom to nothing but a big shiny disco ball, this movie had the whole theatre laughing. This generation’s obsession with vampires has lead to a new era in literature and movies. So with everything promoting the new view of vampires, there needs to be one good movie making fun of it. If you haven’t seen this movie yet then you better check it out while it’s still on the big screen.