Weather conditions affect sports

Kansas is unpredictable, especially in the spring. It could be 70 degrees and sunny one day then with a blink of eye, 36 degrees with a possible chance of snow the next day. No doubt, Kansas weather has taken a toll on the spring sports’ season. Due to the weather, sport teams have been forced to practice inside or even resort to canceling practice and games.

“We haven’t been able to practice outside and because of this I don’t think we have been able to reach our full potential” senior outfielder, Blake Standiford said.

On top of that, many meets and games have been cancelled and moved due to the weather. One sport that has unluckily been impacted the weather is softball with four games postponed this season.

“It makes it really difficult because we always have to practice indoors and we plan an outdoor sport. It makes its hard to maintain focus and work on our skills because we’re so limited to what we can do in doors,” senior second baseman, Erika David said.

Girls’ soccer ranked fifth in the city and an overall record of 7-6, contributes their performance to the inclement weather conditions. Seniors on the team express overall frustrated with the lack of quality practice and favorably game weather to play in.

Now, the last couple weeks of the season coming up, with city, regional and state; teams are looking to get a good practice before the big competition. After deciding not to attend the Goddard Invitational on May 6, track coaches are training athletes to compete to their best ability for the anticipated city league track at Northwest on May 9.

“With the unpredictable weather, our coaches are training hard when we have acceptable weather, because these next weeks are critical for our team,” senior long jumper, Shayla Cotman said.

With the weather condition, spring sports have been greatly impacted and have had to make adjusts according. Look for city competitors, regional placers and state qualifiers in the upcoming weeks.