Students put on dinner theater showing Steel Magnolias

The FACS and drama department collaborated to put on a dinner theater that showed “Steel Magnolias”.

“Steel Magnolias” had just 6 actresses in the play with 1 male over voice.  The story is centered around Shelby played by sophomore Caitlyn Fox and how the characters deal with her death. “Steel Magnolias” takes place in the 80’s in  Natchitoches La and is based on a true story.

“It’s a drama and it has some heavy bits,” Fox said, “but unlike other dramas we’ve done in the past it still is a lot of fun and it has some very enjoyable and very relatable and happy moments to it.”

“The cast of six girls bonded as a result of their work on the show together.”

“It’s a different dynamic than normal plays we have become a very tight knit group so thats a lot of fun,” Fox said.  

More of the cast members interviewed said their favorite character and the best part about the play was Ouiser Boudreaux. She was described as a funny and hard headed character.

“I really like the character Ouiser Boudreaux. she’s a lot of fun and she brings a really nice community feel to the play,” Fox said

Sophomore Khya Van Es was surprised when she was put in rep theater.

“I didn’t think I was going to get this part but i’m glad that I did.” Van Es said.

This play was the first in a long time that had a more sad feel to it than others put on by the drama department.

“I really like it because it’s pretty comfortable on set. We all know what to expect out of each other everyone can be their self,” Van Es said.

Drama teacher Richard Lundin said he enjoyed being part of this play and having a different change of setting working with an all girl cast.

“A smaller cast of girls who really want to do a good job turns into some great discussions,” Lundin said. “We’ve had amazing discussions about characters and the play itself and the writer and we did some background on that and we’ve learned stuff everyday.”

Along with the “Steel Magnolias” showing the FACS department run by culinary teacher Alison Draut and her competition kids helped out by serving dinner before the show. besides serving dinner to help out the drama department they also raise money for numerous fundraisers.

“They’re raising money for the Prostart Edible Garnish and Management Competition this year because that’s what we’re competition in,” Draut said “We’re also raising money for the Cooking Up Change Competition.”  

At the dinner theater, guests had an option of buying a caramel apple cupcake or a miniature cupcake.

“Draut’s kids do a great job. These kids can cook!,” Lundin said “They have award winners in there.”