Double victory

For Northwest , the 2015-16 school year has been a series of victories, from the football winning streak  to the bowling and scholars bowl teams. Included among these are the bowling and scholar’s bowl teams, both of which compete during the spring season, and both of which are setting records.

The boy’s [varsity] bowling team set three records ending in a win 29-52 Tuesday, Feb. 2 against Heights. The boys varsity bowling team’s highest one- and two- game series also set state records for the highest series ever bowled. The Junior varsity bowling team also placed in the top three in all of their tournaments.

“What sets us apart from other schools is that we have exceptional  coaches,” Latta said jokingly.

Latta is not the just the coach for bowling but for JV softball and scholar’s bowl as well. He took all of his teams to state.Scholar’s bowl hosted the regional tournament Feb. 4 and took first place.

“The tournaments, usually the first 15-30 minutes consists of gorging on whatever food they have provided. Usually it’s pizza,” senior scholar’s bowl member Chris Kliewer said.

Scholar’s bowl consists of 5 person teams that go against another school. They are asked 16 questions total, the first of which is  foreign language questions like French, German, and Spanish. Other subjects like language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, fine arts, and current events are included in the 16 questions.The first person who buzzes in and gets the question right receives ten points. The team with the most points at the end of that round wins.

“Scholar’s bowl is all about humor, keeping the kids up and involved,” Latta said. “During the school day, a lot of these kids that are in scholar’s bowl may not say two words, but when they get to the scholar’s bowl practice, they’re having the time of their lives.”

The commitment and time to coach two teams during the same season and to make them successful shows how committed these coaches are. To have a coach that brings students together and make them strive for excellence make it more fun to play a sport.

“ The dedication and the want, they want to be there they want to do it,” junior bowler Sam Kuns said.

The scholars bowl after winning Regionals.
The scholars bowl after winning Regionals.
The Northwest bowlers after winning a tournament.
The Northwest bowlers after winning a tournament.