Food fundraisers, organizations affected by federal nutritional guidelines

Haley Cooper, Sports Editor

Since last year, students have worried about food sales at school because of changing nutrition guidelines. One of students’ primary concerns has been Bear Necessities. Administrator Walter Givens maintains that the store will still be fully operational.

“The Bear Necessities is selling many of the items that we sold last year,” Givens said.

Other clubs and organizations, however, will have to alter their fundraising routines.

“You have to be within those guidelines,” DECA advisor Jeff Darr said.  “But school clubs are allowed a couple of days each semester to still operate and sell items that are not within the federal guidelines. They have at least given us an opportunity to sell some of the things we’ve always sold, either through clubs or organizations.”

Adjusting to the new regulations will be an ongoing process.

“It can have a huge impact on student groups that typically have made a lot of their money through the sale of food items at lunch,” Darr said. “It does force us to look at other non-food fundraising options that are out there.”

Darr is optimistic about the changes he may face during the year.

“It’s good for us because we do have to eat healthier while we’re here,” Darr said. “We’re going to sell some tumblers for the first time ever; sports tumblers with KU or Wichita State or those type of things.”

As far as pizza sales go, students should have nothing to worry about.

“We’re still selling pizza. Just once we use our allotted number of days, we basically have to operate under the umbrella of the guidelines. I know Pizza Hut and Papa John’s have developed a pizza that meets the nutritional guidelines.”