What to expect from the bond

Alvarez asks for flexibility as construction begins


Kelsi Cannady, Social Media Editor

Construction is finally upon us. Northwest has heard about expansion for a while now, but did not know when it was supposed to happen. Initial site work started in August while the only construction that has started is for culinary arts and the CDC. Construction crews began breaking  ground earlier this month and started working on the band room.

“The band area, along with the culinary arts and FACS area,” Principal Gil Alvarez said, “should just be closed for this school year.”

The band room will also be a safe shelter after construction, and it should be up and running by the beginning of next school year. Doors are now closed in the G hall exit, the CDC entrance to the school, and the main entrance to the gym. All students trying to get into the gym or pool for athletic events must enter from the main Tyler Street doors.

“The gym area will probably be closed for two years,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez says exits being closed will be an inconvenience but will be manageable. With the East side area being fenced off, band students will only have one exit when walking out for practice and teachers have had to relocate for new places to park. This has caused a lot of congestion in both the Tyler and 13th parking lots. Another inconvenience is some of the routes to get out of the school during drills might have changed slightly.

“We just ask for flexibility during the construction stages because it’s going to be a lot of things going on,” Alvarez said, “and we want to make sure we allow that flexibility during the construction so it can be completed.”

There will be more changes happening throughout the year which should start in October.