Student Senate hopes to increase school spirit with COTY competition


With a new advisor and meetings almost every day during 9th hour, Student Senate is making changes to increase Northwest school spirit and student participation.

“It will be 100 times better. We are already planning and making decisions that will involve everybody at Northwest. [We’re] really making Student Senate the best it can be,” Student Body President Anna Griekspoor said.

One big goal for Student Senate is to get the students more involved with the games and extracurricular programs at Northwest through the competition called Class of the Year (COTY).

COTY is a new program where at certain planned events held by the school will have Student Senate members taking tallies for each class. When you attend a game, concert, or assembly you check in with your class and earn points. At the end of the year all the points will be added and the class with the most will get an award that will be announced later in the year.

“It is a good idea because we don’t have that much school spirit unless it is at a football game,” junior representative Taylor Webber said.

Student Senate is also looking to get more involved in and outside of school while also working on organization.

“Instead of just the teacher and one president, pretty much everyone is getting involved and has a say in spirit week and homecoming,” sophomore treasurer Vanessa Cowdin said.

Student Senate has talked about doing some community service with the feeder patterns for Northwest, including Kensler, Peterson, McCollom and Wilbur.

“Maybe they will be more excited knowing the tradition,” advisor Sarah Gegen said.


September Events for COTY:

9/11 patriotic dress for United Way Week

9/12 Anything Goes assembly

9/16 volleyball

9/18 choir concert

9/24 Powderpuff

9/26 assembly

9/30 soccer