Cans for Books

Payden Klufa, Reporter

In the Northwest library, students were allowed to donate canned goods to pay for their library fines. Librarians Rinann Speaker and Kim Isherwood decided to start the donation.

“We figured since there was so much going on in December with donations and people are donated out between Thanksgiving and Christmas that we would wait and do it in February around Valentines Day.” Speaker said

Many students donated food to pay for library fines anywhere from $3 to $25.

“We want our books back. We want people to read them and to bring them back. It’s nice to get fines, to buy more books. But really we want our materials back.” Speaker said

The canned goods were donated to the Kansas Food Bank. One item could be worth up to $3. Some students brought in a lot of cans to pay for expensive fines.

“When we sent out notices for late books. There were 600 notices.” Speaker Said

Students were allowed to bring in canned good the week before spring break began. Many students brought in canned goods and returned their late books. After donating all the canned goods, and getting their materials back, the librarians were happy to check out books to students that couldn’t because of their fines.