Drama to have Vendor Sale

Mira Smith, Photo Editor/Reporter

The drama department will be having a Vendor Sale this Saturday, it will take place from 9am to 3pm in the commons.

“It is being organized by Vickie Nevins through Wichita All Biz as a fund raiser for the Drama Department,” said Drama teacher Richard Lundin. “Drama students and volunteers from the Performing Arts Booster Club will be participating as helpers to keep the event moving.”

The vendors pay to have a booth to sell their items.

“This is the third vendor’s fair to occur at Northwest this year,” said Lundin. “Exactly which vendors will be there is uncertain.  The last count had 105 businesses who had responded to the invitation.”

Of course factors such as weather impact who will show up in the end.

“There will be local authors doing book signings, food trucks, a Zumba demonstration, and much more,” said Lundin.

This is their first time trying an event like this.

“… we are still not 100% sure of what to expect,” said Lundin. “We are very excited but a little nervous at the same time.”