Dinner Theatre to be put on by Drama

Allison Moore, Reporter

The drama department’s annual dinner theatre is this week.

It will be Feb. 20,  21, and  22.

They are putting on a production of Neil Simon’s comic fable, Fools — a fun play for the whole family.

The dinner will be served at 6p.m. followed by the show at 7p.m.

The cost of dinner will be $5.00 and the show will be $5.00 as well. However, if you choose to go to both, it will only cost $8.

The menu will be all homemade food which consists of:

Salsa chicken




There is a vegetarian option that you can request. Also if you have any other dietary needs you must state them when reserving for the dinner so that arrangements can be made to fit you.

You can make your reservations by stopping by the drama teacher, Richard Lundin’s, classroom in G2.

In order to go to the dinner, you must make reservations first.