The final countdown

Andrew Minter, Reporter

The finals policy might change next year for Northwest students. Students of all grades and class levels may be required to take finals.

“Our district is planning on college career readiness,” principal Gil Alvarez said, “but no decisions are certain.” If finals are required the difficulty won’t change.

“Many schools in USD 259 are already requiring their students to take all their finals,” Alvarez said. “As far as I know all students will have to take finals in college.”

The teachers also have some input. “The teaching staff has been asked to take a survey regarding finals policy,” said history teacher Dennis Cox. “It’s a disservice to the students not to prepare them.”

Once in college the students will have to take finals and in some cases midterms.

“Finals week tends to be much more stressful to students who haven’t taken them before,” Cox said.

The students of Northwest are very opinionated on the subject.

“I wouldn’t take any hard classes,” said sophomore Lien Vu.

Some are irritated. “I’d be pretty mad,” said freshman Kelton Simkins.

The decision isn’t final, and they’re still debating the matter. For now the students will just continue the same procedures they have always done.