Principal gives speech at FCA

Whitney Clum, Reporter

Northwest Principal Gil Alvarez spoke at a recent Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meeting at Pathways Church to discuss values, respect and the attitude presented at Northwest.

Alvarez opened his speech by saying that when he was younger he had been both president and vice president of his FCA when he was younger and was really excited to see an FCA at Northwest.

“I’m glad to see you all are taking the right path,” remarked Alvarez to the assembled students.

The interview began with casual questions such as confirming common knowledge such as his history with sports.  Then the focus of the speech went in more of a church-related direction.

“Keep your faith. You will be tested. It’s inevitable. You’re going to need prayer. Lean on one another. Lean on people that really care about you, because you are going to have friends who aren’t really your friends at all.”

Plenty of people related to that statement. The next question posed was “Have you ever questioned your faith?”

Alvarez said, “College. You get caught up the hype that surrounds you then it consumes you. Then you realize that for three years it has been all about what you are about.  In this society it’s more about what can I do for myself. If we did more of the opposite we would be more of a community.”

Alvarez talked for a while longer and cracked a few more jokes, and the interview was concluded with advice for students.

“You have built a foundation at Northwest, your teachers prepare you…for advice I would just say do the little things. Humility, helping others in a time of need, the little things make a big difference. Doing the right thing when nobody is lookin