November CCC Corner

It’s time to make scholarships your focus!

You can find opportunities through nonprofit organizations, and small and large companies. Ask your employer, your parent’s employer, and your church. You never know where an opportunity may exist.

What should you do?

Schedule time in your week to work on scholarship applications. It can quickly feel overwhelming, so take a look at your schedule and plug it in.

Utilize websites to find scholarships some examples being:

(Make sure you don’t pay anyone or any site a fee for scholarships. That can be a sign of a scam.)

Check out your community colleges. Most community colleges offer activity scholarships that can pay up to books and tuition. Activities may include athletics, music, drama, yearbook, newspaper, photography, writing, being a student ambassador, or being a leader! Attend a community college and receive your first couple of years of college for close to free!

Anything else?

  •  Check out the CCC fusion page, it also has a list of scholarship opportunities that the school has received. Make sure to check it out!
  •  You can also feel free to stop by the CCC to discuss your plans and see what scholarships you may qualify for, passes can be given by Danea Cramer in A-26 for advocacy.

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