Bond issue to break ground in March

Instead of this fall as previously planned, the bond issue will finally be enacted this upcoming March.

“We were put on hold so long because we were put on the end of the list for the bond issue,” principal Gil Alvarez says.

The issue will cover many renovations including a new gymnasium and band room.

“There was a part of the bond that was specifically set aside for Northwest back in 2008, but some things were added that are called alternates which are more things that we want than what we need,” Alvarez says.

The bond issue will also benefit the special education program.

“Right now they’re serving their students out of rooms that aren’t equipped to suit all of their needs, the special ed suite that is coming in is definitely needed,” Alvarez says.

The bond issue has been common ground for Northwest principals, stretching from 2008 to 2013.

“It was a 2008 bond issue, I believe it’s actually been three principals before it actually broke ground,” Alvarez says.