Northwest Journalism Heads to the Fair


Tony Berumen, Reporter

On Friday, Sept. 13, journalism teacher Rebekah Morse took five Northwest students to the Kansas State Fair for the Kansas State Fair Scholastic Press Corps Print Competition. The purpose of the contest was to print, interview, write stories, take photos, and then design a four-page newsletter.

 The competition started at 8 a.m. and lasted all day until 6 p.m., which was the final deadline. Judging took place over the weekend. The schools will be contacted with the results.

The students who went were sophomores Haley Cooper and Emily Dulohery and seniors Lyndi McIntyre, Kira Crafton and Grace Buckingham.

“Even if we don’t place, I’m still glad we went,” says Morse, “it was a nice way to get out of the school setting and report on something different, and show our true skills.”

It was a fairly nice day, no pun intended. The weather was in the mid-70’s. The day started out really slow and got more busy as the day went on.

Sophomore Haley Cooper covered and wrote about the 4H Horse Show.

“It was a good experience,” Cooper said. “It was a very real world application of reporting. I feel like we did a good job.”

Senior Grace Buckingham takes photos for the journalism competition Sept. 13.