Book Club

Whitney Clum, Reporter

The Northwest book club met on Sept. 3, to pick a book they wanted to read and discuss and to pick a movie they wanted to see.

By the time the meeting ended at four, Eoin Colfer’s The Reluctant Assassin was picked, and the movie selected was City of Bones, the movie based off the novel by Cassandra Clare.

“This is going to be a lot better than last year,” said Junior Katherin Kitchen.

Some of the other books thrown out for consideration (and that might be picked in the future) included Divergent, The Help, Born of Illusion and Unbroken.

It was mentioned the book club was hoping to possibly grow this year, with one member jokingly stating that, “We are not reading girly books. Please show up.”

For people looking for opportunities in the Language Arts department, joining book club might be smart move-some teachers are letting the current book club book be read as an IRP book.

The next book club meeting takes place on Oct 1 in B22 to discuss their current novel, and find different activities to do with the books they read.

The Reluctant Assassin Book Trailer