Snowfall causes district to cancel school


The big white blanket finally covered Wichita after several years without a massive snowfall. It all started Wednesday February 20; making USD 259 schools cancel from the 21st thru the 26th. Many people took these unexpected days off to relax and share with family members.

“I baked, read books and stayed up late to catch up on all my favorite shows” CCC coordinator Mrs. Cramer said.

The unexpected 21 inches broke the record from 1913 of 20.5 inches, making it almost impossible for cars not to have issues getting out on the roads and making the choice of staying home almost an obligation to avoid accidents.

“It wasn’t very hard to come back to work because I like my job” cramer said. But for some students it was very difficult to get back on track after the several snow days.

“It was very hard because I didnt have a sleeping schedule anymore, I got really lazy and ate all the food on the fridge” senior Luis Munoz said.

Now that the nights of waiting to get that tweet from “Wichita Public Schools” are over, most students are over the fact that the beautiful white snow is transforming into water and we have to get back on track to make up for all the days missed.