Northwest gets new coat of paint

You may have noticed the fresh blue stripe adorning the halls, along with the lovely fumes of paint filling the air. Just like the carpets are swept and the tables are washed, the halls and classrooms are now being painted for maintenance reasons.
“The district puts all the schools on a rotation, and with that rotation they can only get to us once every so often,” Principle Karen Pickert said, “so it’s going to take about three months to do, and with all the schools they’re going to have to cover, there’s a lot of painting that they couldn’t wait until the summer to do.”
With all the painting being done, many are asking about the orange doors. However, for certain reasons, they cannot be painted.
“We talked to them about painting the doors blue, but the reason why we can’t do that is because if they were to paint them and the door got scratched, the reddish-orange will show through,” Pickert said.
So far, there have not been any complaints about the paint. However, school officials say that in the event of a student complaining, they will do everything in their power to assist them.
“Most people have adapted to it pretty well. If there is somebody who had problems with it, we would certainly make accommodations for that class or student if it was something that was bothering them. But we really haven’t had any complaints,” Pickert said.
Some students, such as junior Grace Buckingham, do not see the point in repainting the school.
“There’s no difference between how it looked before and how it looks now,” Buckingham said. “It’s probably bad for us to breathe in the fumes, and the colors don’t make sense since our colors are blue and gold, not blue and orange.”
Painting the rooms means that the teachers have to take everything off of their walls. Although this is a hassle to many, Pickert feels it will ultimately worth it.
“It’s a pain to take everything down, but if we don’t paint them now, it could be 10 or 12 years until they paint them again,” Pickert said, “That’s why we are having to take advantage of it the best that we can.”