What Defines Family

What defines family? When asked this question I am sure that the first thing that comes to a lot of people would be their immediate family, mom and dad, brother and sister. But what about the people who don’t have that or the people who don’t truly consider their family as their family?


When I think of family, I think about the people who are always there; the people who are considered as brothers and sisters to one another. The people who show honor, friendship, and redemption toward one another.


A great example of family comes from a simple movie franchise that has reached our hearts one by one, Fast and Furious. Over the years one of the main concepts that has revolved around the movies is family. They define family by the people who would die for eachother and their loyality towards one another. And the best part is because their love is on and off the screen which makes it even better.
The best part about a non-traditional family, is that they each person bring unique charateristics to the clan.  There is almost always a jokester, a peace keeper, and the one who keeps everything organized. Love is definined through many different ways, traditional and not so traditional, but at the end of the day love conquors all.