Northwest pranksters on April Fool’s Day

Northwest students and teachers alike participated in April Fool’s Day activities. Administrator Tom Perkins office was seran wrapped by three seniors, and classroom ‘mates’ played practical jokes on eachother.

Seniors Barbara Barrios, Luis Munoz and Ricardo Paredes together during lunch, with principal Karen Pickert’s supervision, seran wrapped across Perkin’s office door. Though Perkins was surprised, he left the wrap up to give the senior’s a little fun before taking it down and returning the wrap to Barrios at the end of the day.

English teacher Jennifer Enright got a couple of her students to cover English teacher Justin Huckriede’s desk with paper and move it outside of room B24. “I was not surprised at all, I was expecting something. I tried getting her back, but there is not much I could do at school,” Huckriede said. So, Huckreide turned all of B24’s classroom desks upside down.