1 in 1400: Judah Isaac


Northwest Explorer: What are your plans after high school?

Judah Isaac: College. Getting a degree in computer software engineering and programming.

NE: I know your grandparents are from South Africa, have you ever been there?

JI: No, we are planning a trip. It’s like $10,000 to get four people on a plane, even if it’s not a very good class. We are hoping to be able to go possibly this or next summer, I think we are very close as far as I know.

NE: You go to school with your brothers, Asher (senior) and Reuven (junior). Tell me about your relationship with them.

JI: I know Asher has become a bit more protective during high school. Even if someone is joking he will be like “don’t say those things.” At home it is not anything ridiculous or serious but just that big brother attitude.

NE: What is the most important thing in your life?

JI: My friends. I always make sure they are okay before me. If I need to talk I always make time for them..

NE: Your mom passed away when you were young. What was something difficult about that?

JI: A really terrible moment is learning that, according to scientists, you physically can’t remember anything behind the age of four, so physically I have no memory of her whatsoever. I always thought I did, I always had this memory of looking over the counter and seeing her bake brownies. And learning that according to scientists that memory is fake, that is just like being hit by a truck. .

NE: Tell me a little more about your family.

JI: My mom was born in South Africa. My dad was born in California. We have grandparents that came from Russia, and grandparents from South Africa that have a relationship to England.