Northwest Coffeehouse

For the first time this year, Northwest’s Coffee House featured more than singers. Pots, pictures and drawing lined the commons.

“Mrs. Brown had already been doing coffee house and Mrs. Pickert combined us all as one department this year,” pottery teacher Andrea Corcoran said. “It made sense to kind of build that culture and try to get the students to see each other as kind of common through the creative aspect of the arts. I think this is just the beginning of the northwest fine arts being a bigger power.”

Corcoran isn’t the only one for students having their creative side showing. Choir teacher Amy Brown is also an advocate of students sharing letting their creativity shine.

“I think its a great way for them to let their own voice be heard,” Brown said.

Brown is all for the fine arts coming together.

“We just envisioned it being a fine arts showcase,” she said. “The art department would get to be seen by a wider audience than had been seen before. there were people who came tonight that would have never seen the artwork the kids were doing.”

Both hope this tradition doesn’t stop here. They want it to continue to grow to reach a wider audience of “both students and adults.”