Hall of fame


Jozabeth Garcia

David Nigg was nominated for the Coach of the Year award and inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The banquet to honor him will be held in Derby on April 19.

“It’s really an honor,” Nigg said. “Usually, a lot of times they’ll wait to nominate you until you die. But I’m still around.”

He is being honored for the second overall win-loss record, having over 184 dual wins, multiple appearances in the top four at state, and winning state. Additionally, he is being recognized for being a part of the wrestling community for so many years.

Being around for 38 years, Nigg has worked with assistant coach Mike Church and Eric Prichard, head coach of the wrestling team. Including the years Prichard wrestled for Nigg, they have been together for a total of 23 years. Nineteen of those have been coaching.

“I wrestled for him back in 1988 for six years, four years in highschool and two in college.” Prichard said. “I went to college, came back in 1996 and started coaching with him. He’s been so successful here, we’re proud of him and I think it was about time.”

Prichard will also be attending the banquet, as well as introducing the hall of famer. Nigg will receive a plaque and a jacket.

Setting aside his award and success, he says it’s not for the recognition, but for the students and to teach them the sport.

“It’s rewarding to be surrounded by such good kids, not to just wrestle for college, but to have success,” Nigg said.