Football season preview

Jordan Gourley, Reporter

Northwest Explorer: What are your goals for this season and postseason?


Steve Martin: Raise expectations for our program. Our expectations are to make the playoffs and compete for a city league and state championship.


NE: Any players we need to keep and eye on?


SM: Karol Williams will have a great year at wide receiver. Kevin Folsom has been leading us on the offensive side of the ball, playing QB. Jahlyl Rounds is going to have a big year at running back. On the defensive side, Brendan Johnson.


NE: Any games you’re looking forward to? Any specific teams you’re ready to face?
SM: We’re looking forward to the first game against Carroll. You know we’re rivals. I’m looking forward to our district games against Dodge City and Garden City. We want to go out there and show that we can beat them. I’m personally looking forward to Hutch on Halloween. Their coach is a good friend of mine.