Hard work in tennis team’s future

With a 6-3 win over East on September 18, the tennis team is proud to say they have done well this season. Senior Clarissa Hayward is very proud of her tennis family.

“Even though we lost to Carroll and Kapaun, that is not holding us back from doing our best,” Hayward said. “We have improved, but could be doing much better.”

Seniors Lindy Wilkerson and Daphne Cavallaro are expecting to qualify for state. State is where it will all come down to, this is where they will figure out if they all their hard work paid off.

“The next couple of weeks have the three toughest matches: city[September 29],regionals[October 6], and state[October 13],” Wilkerson said. “That will determine if we are doing good this year or not.”

In the past year, the tennis girls have defeated both South and North, 9-0. Although they may have lost some tournaments, the girls are still working their hardest to make it to state.


Words by Emma Manda|Reporter