Senior Brylan Donaldson defeats injury, hopes to get back on field

The tibia bone is medically proven to be the second largest bone in the human body. The tibia connects the ankle bones to the knees, and gives support for walking. It’s the strongest weight bearing bone in the entire body according to, damage to the tibia results in one not being able to play football. On May 28, 2012 senior Brylan Donaldson felt as if he had just lost everything.
“‘I wouldn’t be able to play football this year,’ that was my first instant thought. And at that instant it seemed like everything started going downhill, everything I worked for just vanished,” Donaldson said.
It was a game of seven on seven, with different athletes from across the Wichita city league. Donaldson went to catch the ball when the defender collided with his leg. Thinking everything was okay, he went to stand and his leg snapped. Although Donaldson was feeling all alone at this moment, he had seniors Chris Hughes and Anthony Cotton by his side, helping him get to the vehicle that would transport him to the hospital.
“And right there, right there at that instant, that’s when I realized it’s not about me, it’s about contributing to others. And that’s how I want to make an impact in my life: by impacting others.”
Now, four months later, crutches are off, cast is gone, and Donaldson is able to practice with his team on that same field he had injured himself on before. Donaldson no longer feels as if he will never get the chance to play again. He is now confident, and is ready to be on the field, making tackles with his teammates.
“I kept my faith. I kept my faith in God and in my dreams,” Donaldson said. “So hopefully I’ll play again. I believe I will play again. I know I will play again.”
Donaldson says the thing he has missed most about being on the green and white turf is having the chance to contribute to his teammates, both in games and at practice. September 24 was Donaldson’s first practice since recovering from his injury.
“It [practice] was difficult. Mentally I was ready, but physically I wasn’t. I was only about 40% ready. I used to think I was superior, and now I feel like I’m at the bottom of the chain.”
Donaldson is one of the lucky ones. He recovered from his injury, and he is able to continue striving for his dreams. However, some of the other injured players may never play again. Donaldson doesn’t want those teammates to feel that they aren’t important to the team.
“Despite our circumstances, despite our situation, we’re still part of the team, we can still contribute to the team, we can still accomplish our goal as a team,” Donaldson said.
With number 14 back out on the field, there’s a chance that Donaldson could suffer from another injury. But for now, that’s not what Donaldson is worried about.
“It [being injured again] could affect my long terms, but at the moment I’m not nervous about injuring myself again; when I’m out there I’m just excited to be contributing to my team.”
After four months, Donaldson can finally put on his #14 jersey, his cleats, pads and helmet. He can now walk, run and sprint on the field with no limp or crutches. Donaldson can finally play the sport he loves under those friday night lights, contribute to his team and make an impact.


Wrods by Jerica Goodwin|Design Editor