Cheerleaders Hold Tryouts

They got spirit, yes they do! They got spirit, how ‘bout you? If you’ve ever wanted to be one of those girls who wear the blue and gold pleated skirts, huge bows in their hair, and perform at every pep assembly, you’re in luck because tryouts are just around the corner.

“Before tryouts there are three informational meetings, and you have to attend at least one of those meetings to make the team,” cheerleading coach Tiffany Houle said.

In order to make the team, there are a couple of school related requirements. First, you have to have a 2.5 GPA and you can’t have an F in any core classes. Other requirements are you must be able to accomplish a toe-touch and one other jump of your choice. The last thing that is misunderstood according to Houle is that cheerleading is a year-round commitment.

The pricing for a first time cheerleader is 750 dollars however, if you are a returning cheerleader the pricing is 520 dollars. The cheerleaders do many fundraisers, and the profits made by the fundraisers take out what is owed from the 750/520 dollars.

“[The cost] is a little bit expensive, personally it’s not expensive for my family but for others it is,” freshman Breanne Hardiman said.

The cost of cheerleading wouldn’t be so high if the school would actually fund the sport.

“I think we should get more funding from the school     because we are at every game, no matter how the weather is, so we deserve it,” sophomore Karlee Cooper said.

Since cheerleading is a year round commitment, including practicing in the summer, the cheerleaders get to know each other extremely well.

“We spend so much time practicing together, and cheering at games we become a family. We all become close and before the year is over we are inseparable,” sophomore Taryn Niedens said.

Therefore the cheerleaders are more than just the people trying to pump the basketball and football teams up at games, they are a ‘family.’