Soccer Team Wins Same Day As Coach Got A Baby

September 16 the JV soccer team played against Derby V. The game started with confusion, “where is Coach Rooney? He is never late.”

Ten minutes after the team was suppose to meet coach Rooney ran across the field and quickly gathered his players in a circle. Then captain junior David Luico asked coach if he had a good day, the reply was clear “I’m pretty good, I just had a baby.”

Coach Rooney had to leave shortly after his arrival. Coach Bribiesca lead the team in the first half and Coach Shook took over in second. Neither Bribiesca nor Shook could coach them through warm-up so the team had to warm up on their own and attempt to stay focused the whole time.

Captains David Luico and Austin Haase, both juniors, had to take some extra responsibility.

“We had to take charge during warm-up,” Haase said, “We completely respect Rooney,” Juico adds. The two captains decided that the game was dedicated to Rooney’s son, JP.