Hackers in Among Us


If you haven’t heard or gotten the chance to play the game Among Us, you might just be missing out.

The rise in popularity from the game Among Us is amazing, but the way it’s going, in time the game will seem overrated. It’s getting to the point where it’s not fun anymore because of the hackers and the know-it-alls. 

Among Us is a  multiplayer game that has been on the rise in popularity lately as of October 202. Among Us is an online game that can be placed on PC or mobile that has been released since Jun 15, 2018. This fun multiplayer game includes three different game settings in which you have up to 10 players join a game and you can choose between there being up to three imposters on the gaming floor. 

There are two different roles in the game, imposter, and crewmate. Becoming an imposter is really fun and exciting simply because not just anybody can pick to become an imposter. If you are selected to be the imposter, you have to go through and kill off crewmates one by one while sabotaging to get ahead of the game. So with the different roles, there is a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 4 crewmembers per game with one to three of the crew members being the imposter as well. When the game starts, you have a selected title, a crewmate, or an imposter. Some members of the crew are busy maintaining and fixing the ship, while some are sabotaging it to get ahead and kill the crewmembers on the other team. Becoming an imposter in my opinion is exciting because you have to keep your identity a secret so you can kill off the crewmates and win without getting booted off.

Getting kicked out of the server when playing a game is extremely frustrating especially when you have been selected to be the imposter. Becoming an imposter is a lottery situation because you never are really sure which role you will be assigned to. Being the imposter is the most enjoyable role because you have to hide their identity. The fun part of the game when getting to be the imposter is sabotaging and killing the crewmates to ultimately win the game. 

The game has been out since 2018, in August of 2020, the game had 18.4 million downloads, and if you consider that its total downloads by July 2020 were 2.4 million downloads. the game had 41.9 million downloads in September alone. While the game had a slow start it is now very popular. In June, the game had around 14 channels dedicated to it and averaged around 174 viewers per month. The game currently averages around 80,000 viewers and around 13 million hours of watched content. That’s a lot of watched content. The root of why the game became so popular is twitch. Without twitch streamers playing and promoting the game it wouldn’t be as popular as it is today.

Lately, Among Us has been under attack by hackers threatening to steal your information, and the hackers also overall make it impossible to play because the hackers also expose the imposters that are assigned to the selected server. Hackers make it to where they automatically win, and it gets to the point where the admins of the server have to kick and block the hackers to make sure they don’t return. It’s important to watch out for imposters and click them and ban them from the server once they are exposed so they don’t damage your information and mess with your game. Hackers are extremely frustrating to run into when playing a game because they end up messing up the groove of the game and they make it to where others can’t enjoy the game. 

Getting disconnected or not being able to join a game because there are so many people on the app or on the server is so frustrating. Right now the creators of Among Us are trying to fix the bugs in the game and make it to where people are not able to hack the servers anymore. What really sucks is when you are on call with someone playing Among Us and you’re unable to connect to the server and they start the game without you. That is absolutely the most frustrating part of the game, besides the hackers.

The overall best part about the game is you don’t even have to have the requirement of being a gamer to be good at playing. Among Us has a pretty simple concept in which there are two types of control methods. The two different types of control methods are joystick and touch. The joystick is the best way to control your character because you have more control and you can see the controller.

Among Us is a fun and time-consuming game but the way it’s going with hackers and so many people on the servers is going to become an overrated game like Fortnite.