Passionate about art

Jordyn Carter, Reporter

My passion is art from drawing, pottery, and photography. I enjoy drawing because it makes me calm. I don’t say I’m really good but drawing makes me happy and relaxed. I draw from people to animals to just random things. Some drawings I’m proud of some I’m not. I’m very self conscious about my drawings,so I keep them to myself because they are private to me. During school I draw during classes when I’m stressed out because it calms me and I go into my own world. I don’t feel I need to show everyone what I draw; it is just a hobby I really enjoy doing.

Pottery is another thing love. It sure is a bit of a mess that you can get yourself into, but I feel in control when I’m throwing on a wheel or handbuilding. I started this year by taking the class. It’s just me and the clay. I have made cups and I have defied gravity with clay, which is making something stand by itself–and it was 12 inches tall. It is really difficult, but pottery is a passion I pursue at school.

Photography is different for me. I love pictures and taking them, either with my phone or a professional camera. I just like taking pictures. I take many photos when I go somewhere I have never been. When I went to Michigan the summer of 2012 I took so many pictures of the road trip there, a 17 hour drive, with many opportunities to take pictures. The reason I enjoy pictures is because I like capturing the moment with friends or family or where I am at the time. Just many things comes with me taking pictures.

Art all together makes me a really happy person when it’s just me. I am very independent when it comes to these hobbies. I love art, and I always have since I can remember.