High school dating

High school is about being prepared for college applications, being swamped with homework,  struggling to pull the eyelids back to stay awake in class, and in many cases, having a steady relationship with a significant other.

But will that relationship really last after graduation?  Before going off to college, think about how the relationship is going. Is there tension? Will there be problems in the future?

According to stageoflife.com, 60 percent of high schoolers (both male and female) plan to break up with their significant other when they leave for college.

Making sacrifices for one’s partner can change a person; one can lose control of his or her life if so chooses to drop everything for that other person. This is all decided before couples graduate. How can someone look at a person with love and affection when thinking in the back of their head that the relationship may end?

Parting ways may be the most difficult decision when goals in life are replaced with thinking about being by the significant other.  Having all of these hurdles of problems to jump over, yet the biggest one is determining life after high school. When getting out in the real world, people want someone to support them that isn’t their parents. Giving someone emotional support over the phone thousands of miles away only lasts for so long.  

On yourtango.com though, not all high school relationships are destined to end. Robin Thicke and Paula Patton dated all the way through high school and college and got married in 2005. Five years later, they had their first son Julian.

People tend to change during college as a result of pressure from debt and loans, having a job, and difficult courses. When under intense pressure for deadlines, realizing who will be there for you when life gets stressful is an indicator of why to keep them around. Which will be affected immediately in college. Again, balancing that is challenging on its own. If you let the relationship breathe,then this causes to give each other room to grow and change into more mature people that balances checks and picking up kids from school.  Then all of the things that mattered in high school —  like matching color themes for homecoming — won’t matter as much.

If people have the right mindset to be comfortable with the transitions from high school to college, then a relationship could work, instead of just being given up on altogether.

Having patience and a reminder why you fell in love with that person will get you to see past the obstacles in the way. Also, stepping back and looking into the relationship before graduation can also change perspectives about the relationship. It can make you see and notice changes that can strengthen the relationship, or can wake you up and start focusing on yourself for a while.

Always have a future in mind, and keep the partner inside the heart for as long as possible.