Class sizes affect learning


When I think of class size I think of how it affects my learning. In all cases I prefer small classes giving me one-on-one time with the teacher. I am someone who needs that time because I have questions I don’t want to ask in front of the whole class. I also work better in smaller groups. With bigger groups, my grade shows I don’t do very well.

But I do have large classes. For example, my chemistry class is one of my biggest classes with Mrs. Ruder as the teacher and about 30 students. I personally like the class but with the class being so big, Mrs. Ruder is always running around to get to everyone. The class does almost everything in groups, so she can get to every group and answer questions and see if anyone has problems with the what we are doing at the time.

My smallest class is math with Ms. Brown as my teacher. The class is very small and quiet with 9 students in it. We get all of our work done every time we have class. We even have time after getting everything done to do our homework before class ends which is very helpful.

Honestly, I think smaller classes would give great benefits to kids who need to have really good time management. Balancing school, work, and your social life seems like a lot. Having extra time at the end of class to do homework could benefit any student if time is used wisely.

There is nothing wrong with larger classes; they benefit some people because some learn better in big groups. Questions you don’t think of get answered. The benefits of a large class is somewhat a better learning environment depending on the students behavior. For example, if students are horsing around and being loud and talkative the class won’t get anything done. But if the class listens and is quiet when the teacher is talking they could understand and get their work done no problem.
I came to realize the larger courses are rushed a bit. The reasons are so the teacher can get through the lesson of the day and not get behind. If they get behind it will soon to pile up because they have to get through a certain amount of lessons over the whole school year. With explaining that, large classes could have students fall behind who can’t keep up with the fast pace. For instance, myself because I can’t keep up with a course or lesson if it is rushed I will try and then I just give up. then my grade will drop.