Online stranger helps with confidence

February 20, 2014: a day I will always remember because of my decision to talk to one person. I was hanging out with my friend that night and she went onto a website for meeting strangers. It’s kind of outrageous but entertaining at the same time. Usually talking to anyone from this site didn’t last longer than a day She started talking to one guy and told me to add him on kik and talk to him so I did.

I started talking to this guy, and he lived a pretty interesting life I must say. For example, he is very popular in his school also he is an actor, singer, and rapper. He lives in Queens, New York. We talked more and more but at this point in my life I wasn’t trusting people at all. But for some reason after that night of talking I instantly trusted him. I had a feeling he was different from other people I talk to.

As time went on this guy and I got really close. We told each other everything. I began to tell him that I was very self-conscious and didn’t love myself in my own skin even though I haven’t yet told anyone else. He didn’t know how to respond until he did and he wanted to help in every way he could. He told me he couldn’t stand me feeling that way about myself because he cares for my wellbeing.

I didn’t know how to react because in my life I never had anyone care that much. Over time he taught me ways to love myself and how there are such amazing things about myself I shouldn’t put down. Well this was about 2 years ago and this guy and I still talk to this present day. As of right now I feel confident as myself and as long as I love myself nothing can hurt me.