Warmth through music

As I look out to the theatre,  I see hundreds of people furiously clapping for their children. The spotlight is all on the orchestra, it’s light is so blinding that I have to put my hand on my forehead to block the sunlight. I’m looking for my family in the never ending roar of whistles and hollering.

I find my dad first, he is clapping while holding a concert order sheet. Once we make eye contact, I light up and smile brighter. He returns my smile for a bigger one and whistles so loud that it echoes inside Century 2. To know that he is so proud of me makes me feel that I did the best job, and to know the crowds going crazy shows that the whole orchestra worked together to make music come to life.

My right hand is gripping my cello, my blood is pounding from playing the last piece. This is the moment that I put everything on the line. How I play determines how loud of the clap or if the audience decides to stay in their seat.

Almost 100 people in one room all working to achieve, learn, and to play until their fingers fall off brings me warmth and joy. The love I get back from my family after every concert brings tears to my eyes.

During the holidays where we don’t have school or rehearsals, my family constantly brags about how great I am, but I was just one person contributing to making hundreds feel the music. Whether it be a slow waltz, or the pounding and repeating melody of Bach.

The night before Christmas, my two cousins sing Christmas carols while I play my cello accompanying them. My family of thirty are all crowded in my grandma’s basement and singing along to the music like the Who’s in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Playing Christmas music makes me feel excited and then I want to start tearing apart the wrapping paper covering up my gifts.

Notes are just notes on a page, but when you add an orchestra to play that sheet of paper, having it connect to the player and making that extra effort to give the audience that special story that they can connect to. Whether it be tales of sadness and pain, or laughter and playfulness.

Music doesn’t have to just be felt through classical music. Country music will want you to ride a tractor. Party music makes you want to get up, dance, or have a rave.

Connecting to music in different ways and bringing emotion back into the world brings more warmth and joy than just words can express.