Cheers to a new year

Thanksgiving day 2013, who knew that would be the last holiday i’d ever get to spend with you who knew after we said goodnight that would be the last hug, kiss, and I love you i’d get to share with you. I didn’t. Christmas morning I was awoken by my mom crying telling me to call my dad. Within the first five minutes of my christmas, one of the most joyful holidays I received quite possibly the worst news of my life. Great grandma died.

The next day my dad, sister and I climbed into the car and made the 14 hour drive we all knew too well. When we finally arrived to Ohio my family was waiting with warm loving arms and shoulders to cry on. December 31st, just like any other day we got up, ate breakfast and got ready. But it wasn’t just another day, it was the day to say goodbye to the most lovable selfless women ever known. Later that night we all gathered back at grandmas to be together. While the adults were upstairs playing cards, drinking and watching the Ohio state game, the children were in the basement doing what we thought adults did (minus the drinking(;).

Around 11:30 p.m. we all got on our coats, grabbed a drink and walked the two minutes to say one final goodbye. As we were counting the minutes to starting a new year we shared our favorite stories and memories. When I think of love and warmth, this is what comes to mind. Although it was nearly 10 degrees and I lost the biggest role model this is it. The world is a cruel evil place that takes things away from us when we are not ready to say goodbye.

So here’s my advice to you, just something you can learn from this, take every holiday, celebration and every moment in between and cherish them, because you never know when your I love you will be the last.