Hurts Donuts Review

As I drive down 21st Street for the thousandth time I see something different, an emergency vehicle that says “Emergency Donut Vehicle” right in front of an up and coming donut shop. I will admit I was really excited to know that there is finally a donut shop on the west side. And what I predict to be a really cool hangout place.

As I went in I immediately felt the vibe of relaxation hit me. The lights were dark and there were tables and chairs everywhere. It had a bit of a hipster vibe and reminded me of the Donut Whole downtown. Once I took in the scenery I noticed the line was long with people anxiously waiting for their donuts.

As my time was slowly approaching, I observed the wide array of donuts Hurts had to offer. From  simple glazed donuts to more complicated ones like Andes Mint donuts and more. And the best part is they are really inexpensive, the glazed ones are $1 a piece and the more complicated ones are $3 at the most.

When my time came I got the Cookies and Cream one and it was truly amazing, who knew that Cookies and Cream and donuts would be such a good combination? Since I first went I have gone two more times and I can promise that those two times are not the last times.

I would recommend this place to anyone who loves donuts and who is looking for a cool place to hang out after school or on the weekends. So if you’re craving something after school or just for a quick snack, Hurts Donuts is the place to go.