What makes a 90s kid

Being a 90’s kid is one of the most fought over claims in today’s teens. Everyone wants to hold the title “90’s kid” weather they actually remember all of the greatness of the 90’s or not. It has become a touchy subject because some kids know some of the landmarks of the era, but the sincere 90’s kids know its not about the material greatness that came, it’s about the culture.
Don’t get me wrong, the boy bands and the toys that broke your ankles played a large part of the 90’s. The world was just starting to realize its potential. Video games and tv shows were at their turning points and the toys were not high tech but they got the job done. Cartoons ruled the world and had so much character you never knew what was coming.
In the end though, that’s not what made the 90’s great. The reason true 90’s kids brag about it so much is because we revel in the culture lost to other generations. The 90’s were about waking up on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and being outside with your friends gushing about the new Backstreet Boys song. The 90’s were about the new designs of a teen magazines and the craze over the pop scene. It was about Pokemon and the Game Boy Color.
It was a simpler time where the world was growing, and we got to grow with it.
When we were kids, we played outside and hung out with our friends and lived life worry, and technology, free. The computer scene wasn’t big and the video games we did have didn’t rule our lives. We were around for the start of technology, and we learned it as it came out.
But as 10-year-olds, we did not have the brand new iphone. Instead, we still threw a fit when no one rewound the VHS after they watched the movie and carried around our portable cd players.
It was a simpler time, and our childhood was filled with goodnatured fun.
As technology found self knowledge and grew, we learned how to use it but not rely on it.
The 90’s was a great time to be a kid, and it is sad that the culture is lost to generations even in our high school.
The last of the 90’s kids are graduating, or will be shortly, and with us the culture and spunk we all carry with us, ingrained into our brains since our childhood, also leaves the scene.
The 90’s raised us, and the culture seeps out our pores in everything we do.