Under pressure

Headaches, sleep loss, and the overwhelming urge to cry: these are all lovely signs of being stressed. It’s now December and the clock is ticking, wrapping up yet another year. Only one semester left after Christmas break for us seniors and my drive to do anything is at a negative seventy-five. It’s the time where we get questioned on a daily basis where we want to go to college and what we want to study. The only answer I can seem to formulate to these questions though, is that I have absolutely no idea.
After being told what to do or where to go for 17 years, I am now expected to just make a life changing decision before I even turn 18. For some, the decision is easy but for others like me, it’s not. I’m horrible at making decisions, I can’t even decide what I want for dinner every night let alone what I want to do for the next four years.
The clock on senior year keeps ticking and as it does, senioritis just gets worse. All I want to do is graduate and get out of here, but with all the tasks needing to be done, a part of me wants the clock to tick a bit slower.
If someone had asked me where I wanted to go a few weeks ago I would have a clear cut answer, but one thought about money and I’m back to square one.
Maybe I’ll just wing it.