My response to increasingly anti-LGBTQ laws

Following in the footsteps of Kansas and Arizona, Mississippi now plans to legalize discrimination.

Lately businesses and employees want ‘the right’ to refuse service to openly queer individuals simply on religious grounds.

They say this is like Muslim employees having the right to not handle beef, when in reality it’s more like a Jewish employee not doing their job just because a person walked in with a hotdog shirt.

When faced with any criticism these ‘supporters’ get defensive, even trying to play the completely made up ‘reverse discrimination’ card.

I say completely fake because it is. In no way can oppressive people be oppressed. They hold no political/social power because these are held by oppressors. They’re being called out on their behavior and they can’t take it.

In the words of this online commenter on this article: “Christians especially need special protection under the law now. They are being threatened with prison and bankruptcy for not supporting homosexual events when ordered to do so by homosexuals. Time to put Christians under civil rights protection,”

So somehow not being legally protected to harass someone is now a punishable offence in their eyes.

The threat of bankruptcy comes from the ‘Christian’ business owner’s own problems with people, not the other way around.

I don’t understand how the queer identity of someone else could have such a negative effect on someone that they feel the need to legally take away their feeling of security in places of business.

People claim that they do this in the name of their religion, but in reality, they’re just being selfish.