On Sexism and Gender Roles

Grace Wilkinson, Editor

The idea that women are equal in society is completely false. Women with the same qualities as men are often seen as rude and pushy and hormonal instead of being a leader or in charge as men are expected to be.

From the day you’re born you are started on a set of traits based on physical traits. Fat becomes an insult, something commonly used against girls like me.

Your personality is open to criticism if it dares to show itself. Any ideas can be devalued immediately because of who you are. On several occasions I’ve been devalued online and in person for my opinions just because I’m female.

To this day women are limited in their personalities and role in society. Women are still told what to do by others because sexism and bigotry are still prevalent today.

Women are told how to look by the media, given unrealistic expectations of beauty and are harassed if they are too big or small or short or tall or if their face doesn’t follow the same symmetry as another woman.

Women are constantly subjected to be in comparison of other women their whole lives. But what is the point of being beautiful? So you will appeal more to men, because that determines your worth apparently.

Being locked into place by societal standards is all too much for young women, leading to unhealthy thinking and thoughts that they aren’t worth anything just because society said they weren’t.

They are told their place and expected to stay there, like a trained animal instead of a human being. Self-respect is definitely the determining factor of who you are, not what society tells you to be.

Ambition shouldn’t be stifled due to being called “selfish.” Having a family should be your choice. How you dress should be your choice. What and who you like are entirely up to you, and shouldn’t be criticized by anyone.

Every time I’ve told someone that I don’t plan on getting married or having children, they tell me “you’ll change your mind” even though I really don’t want kids. I don’t want a child to care for but that doesn’t make me selfish, that just means I have a different plan in life than what other people have seemingly decided for me.

Don’t tell me sexism doesn’t exist just because I can vote. Sexism won’t exist when I can express ideas and make my own choices without being talked down to or asked if I’m on my period.